Specializing In:

  • Immigration Appeals
  • Humanitarian & Compassionate cases
  • PRRA Applications
  • Family Sponsorships
  • Refugee Claims
  • Admissibility Hearings
  • Federal/Provincial Skilled Workers
  • Super/Temporary Residence Visas
  • Work/Study Permits
  • Citizenship Applications


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He has 25 years of experience in dealing with immigration and citizenship matters. Before starting his practice in immigration and refugee law in August 1998, he held a position of member (commissioner) of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada for 9 year (1989-1998). His experience in that position has equipped him with knowledge of law essential to perform his practice in a professional and competent manner.

He was in the insurance business for 11 years (1977-1989) where he provided sound advice and service to his clients.

He had also a unique privilege of serving as a member of the Ontario Advisory Council on Multiculturalism and Citizenship (1984-1986) where he,with his colleagues from diverse backgrounds, made recommendations to the Government of Ontario on issues concerning citizens of the province.

He has extensive community development experiences having been involved and held positions in various community, race relations, and religious organizations. His involvement in community and race relations activities led to his recognition by the House of Commons (1983), Ontario Race Relations Commissioner (1985), the Government of Ontario (1986) and the Prime Minister of Canada (1988).

He has been involved and held positions in a political party at the provincial and federal levels in Canada. He also ran for an elected office on two occasions here.

He has been residing in Brampton/Mississauga since arriving in Canada In 1976.

He holds Master of Arts (Political Science) (1971) and Bachelor of Library Science (1974) Degrees from Punjab University, Chandigarh, India. He graduated in an Immigration Practitioner Program from Seneca College, Toronto, Ontario (1999).